JD Fraenky (1966) is born in Suriname (South America) and he started DJ-ing in 1983 in his homeland. In 1984  he moved to The Netherlands to study Mechanical Engineering. Within 3 months after his arrival in The Netherlands he started a radio station (illegally) called “Airpeace FM” in his hometown near the capital Amsterdam. After 2 years of illegal broadcasting, Airpeace FM was shut down by the Dutch Radio Control Agency (RCD) and all studio and broadcasting equipment were confiscated by the authorities. Only the vinyl records were left in the studio. In 1987 he and his fellow DJ’s started negations with the municipality to get Airpeace FM back on the FM-band, but now as a LEGAL radio station. In 1989 Airpeace FM was re-launched as a Legal Radiostation in The Netherlands. Airpeace FM stopped broadcasting in 2009, because its sponsors and advertisers stopped sponsoring and advertising due to the global financial crisis at that time.

From 1983 until today JD Fraenky never stopped DJ-ing, but he has always tried to improve his skills behind the decks. Of course he started with simple Philips turntables in 1983 (with pitch control, which is a must). In 1987 he purchased his first Technics SL1200 turntables and used them until 2006.  In 2006 he purchased his first set of CDJ’s (CDJ-1000) from Pioneer which he still uses in combination with a set of Pioneer XDJ-1000. 

During the 90’s JD performed very often at Hardcore parties and Festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2001 he decided to take it easier and start playing Deep house. JD performs every Saturday on HMUL in a 2 hour LIVE show in the mix. During this mix he always starts with Silky Sweet Amapiano music from South Africa. In the 2nd hour he moves into pumping Tech House music to give you that pure Saturday evening feeling……

Music and DJ-ing are both ‘embedded’ in JD’s DNA and faith and also in his children’s DNA and faith…… His son (DB) produces beats and his daughter (DJ Jolani Jhones) is an emerging DJ with many performances in the Netherlands but also in: Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and France…. our (Family-motto) is: “Music Spins the World; Life is Impossible without (any kind) of Music; Enjoy Life, Enjoy Music’….. 

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