DJ Blayne is a mobile Soulful / Gospel / Afro / Latin / Tribal (Dance) House Music DJ/Producer with more than 15 years of live performance, FM broadcast and internet radio experience playing the newest up-tempo releases, exclusive songs, as well as long time popular uplifting mind, body, and soul House Music! Many DJs will tell the story of how they attended some iconic club or studied under some legendary DJ and thus got their start in mixing, remixing, and moving the crowd. But there are others who were simply moved by these DJs and that observation was inspiration enough to set them on a path that speaks to their love and appreciation for an artform that they’ve come to respect. Blayne Ashmore is one such DJ. Born and raised in Queens, NY, he was able to bear witness to the legendary hip hop rivalry that placed the Bronx at the opposing end. DJs and lyricist battling for hip-hop domination launched the careers of some of the cultures most noted artists. Amid so much creativity there could be no doubt that it would influence Blayne’s ear. His parents would be his first teacher, introducing him to jazz and classical music in between working long hours as his Father being aviation maintenance inspector, and his mother working for a computer technical company. His older sister and brother would be his next teachers as they frequently returned home from a night out at the clubs of New York City with mixtapes from The Garage, and one DJ Disciple. Learning the importance of a work ethic coupled with the sky being the limit are the cornerstones of his approach to DJing today. His venture into the same career as his father would come full circle as he found himself transferred to Atlanta, GA for work at the infancy of Atlanta’s position as a destination city for soulful house music. Blayne would find himself frequenting such parties as MJQ, SWEAT, The Gathering and other offshoot parties now defunct but served as the impetus of some of Atlanta’s most noted soulful house music DJs, artists, and promoters. Like his father who used his time between work to train his son’s ear with Jazz, Blayne would find himself using his spare time taking in the sights and sounds of house. Learning how to mix, blend and use various equipment, he made not only an investment of money but in time, studying the craft down to its technical essence. Studying the classics and referring to those DJs who were able to bring this artform to the radio waves such as Tony Humphries, Shep Pettibone, Merlin Bob, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Timmy Regisford, and others who still play today he shored up his knowledge pool. 2006 marked his DJing debut spinning on a very hot summer day at Zoo Atlanta and it has been a nonstop adventure in the areas he lived with sets played in Atlanta, Baltimore, Miami, PA, New York, New Haven/Hartford, CT areas and currently in the Mid-Atlantic US region often referred to as DMV which stands for the “District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia.” The advantages DJ Blayne has over his competition is the selections of House Music songs are fresh and uninhibited. DJ Blayne will always play the newest releases regardless of the critics’ feedback that suggest he shouldn’t do so. Introducing new records, using available platforms to pay homage to the pioneers of this music, and shining light on new and emerging artists sets DJ Blayne apart from many. The dedication to honing his craft raises the bar to heights in which the sky is truly the limit.


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