Martin Gee

Born and raised on the upper west side of Manhattan, NYC. Martin Gee developed a passion for music at a very early age. And that passion grew stronger & stronger with each passing day.“I remember running home to catch the Latin Rascals on WKTU, listening to their master mixes and recreating their edits on a tape deck and then later on a reel to reel. I started to pick the music apart and absolutely loved it”.Influenced by so many… Albert Marrero (Mr. Downtown Records), Victor Rosado, Timmy Regisford, Tony Humphries, Louie Vega, Joe Claussell, Frankie Knuckles and of course, the legendary Larry Levan.Martin Gee collects and enjoy all types of music, from Disco to Rap, from the late 60’s to the present time. His musical library is extremy extensive, spanning from vinyl to digital media. But his true loves are Disco & House…“Hard to describe what I feel when I play, It takes me to a special place, it’s like I can feel everyone’s souls. Music has and will always be my answer, my sanctuary.”Martin Gee has played at venues such as Cielo NYC (Funkbox), Coney Island Boardwalk, Central Park Skaters Park, Newark Public Library, Allure Lounge Taj Lounge and Now & Then.His first remix with Duce Martinez and in collaboration with DJ Spen, was released in the summer 2020 on Quantize Recordings.

“On April 27, 2017 Duce Martinez took a chance on a stranger, an unknown DJ, never heard me play, never met me (Had no clue who I was)….that was the day I became a DWILDMUSICRADIO programmer, the day I gained a family!”
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